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Here’s the first look at Mechwarrior 5: Clans in action

Piranha Games is back once again with more mechanized action, as Mechwarrior 5 spins off once again into the new standalone “Clans”.

Similar name, new game

Announced a while back, Mechwarrior 5: Clans is not an expansion pack or side-story to 2019’s release. Though developer Piranha Games has kept the “Mechwarrior 5” name attached, this new standalone title is a totally new experience. And when we say “totally new”, we mean it.

According to the press release, Clans features a “tight campaign of narratively driven missions where all components are intricately designed, from dialogue to mission layouts to combat scenarios”. This is no sandbox, and has no “procedural elements”. Oh, and you won’t find run and gun gameplay included either.

Not that long time Mechwarrior fans would have expected that anyway, but Piranha makes it a point to showcase the strategic nature of Mechwarrior 5: Clans. Players can engage with that in solo play, but also in 5 player co-op, as they fight their way across the post-Clan Invasion BattleTech universe.

Here’s your first real look at the game in action:

MechWarrior 5: Clans’ captivating campaign takes place across a variety of planets through stunning, meticulously designed biomes where immersive realism is baked into every detail. Handcrafted maps and missions deliver engaging combat, both complex and chaotic, demanding thoughtful, strategic play. Tactical options abound with an all-new cast of customizable Clan Mechs boasting sleek and powerful Clan technologies. MechWarrior 5: Clans explores a time in the MechWarrior universe brought on by the Clan Invasion and incredible technological advances in Mech warfare, reflected within the Clan Invasion time period.

Piranha Games press release

On top of the new story and return to single player (and co-op) action, Piranha Games is also promising updates to the progression and customization systems. The Mech lab, Hardpoint, and Omnipod system have all been boosted for this upcoming release, with an eye towards “expansive customization”. Want more new stuff? How about “a bird’s eye-style Battlegrid and a quick command radial menu, empowering players to intuitively lead their Star whether using a controller or keyboard & mouse setup”. So yeah, lots of changes and updating is in store for longtime fans of Mechwarrior 5, all of which will hopefully make for a fresh experience.

Stay tuned MechWarriors, Mechwarrior 5: Clans is set to hit some time later this year.

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