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Not a joke after all, Nightdive Studios is bringing back classic FPS PO’ed for a Definitive Edition

Get your chef’s hat on and strap on your jet pack, because the classic 90s FPS PO’ed is on the way to modern consoles and PC.

We really thought it was an April Fool’s

When Nightdive Studios announced its latest remaster yesterday, we were thinking it was just an April Fool’s gag. But that decidedly wasn’t the case, as today a press release has made the rounds detailing the return of a 90s first-person shooter that’s probably not as well-remembered as the company’s Quake and Doom recreations.

We’re talking, as you can see from the headline, about PO’ed. Created by Any Channel way back in 1995, PO’ed was one of the Holiday releases that year, landing exclusively for the 3DO. And while it would appear the following calendar year for the PlayStation, it never was ported to anything else. That’s to say, until now.

Nightdive is bringing PO’ed to the entire modern landscape of platforms, and naturally that’ll be in “Definitive Edition” form. But don’t worry, because while there’ll be improvements aplenty, fans can still expect the same tale of a space-cook up against a horde of alien creeps. And walking, shooting butts. Yeah… you read right.

Your ship has been overrun by aliens. Your comrades-in-arms have been annihilated, and your soufflé has been ruined! What do you do? Grab your jetpack and rocket launcher, and fry those suckers! PO’ed features 16 of the baddest, maddest, and most unattractive monsters in the galaxy. Rock-throwing ogres, plasma-shooting robots, giant bats … and walking butts! 

Nightdive Studios press release

Yes, those were in fact rear-ends on legs that you saw, uh, belching out projectiles in the video above. PO’ed is a different sort of FPS, that’s for sure, and it still is even with all the enhancements that Nighdive will be lending to it. As to those too, there as a bunch.

The new editions of PO’ed will come complete with multiple improvements in the “quality-of-life features” and bug-fixing arenas, but that’s not all. Fans of the studio know to expect a fair shake more, and will find widescreen support “for the HUD and other on-screen graphics”, a new tougher difficulty mode, more language options, 15 achievements, and full freedom of movement thanks to that jet pack we mentioned.

While there’s no release date just yet for this bad boy, Nightdive says that PO’ed is coming up “in the very near future”, and you can even wishlist it right now via Steam.

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