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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous questing to consoles in September

Those seeking a good old fashioned action-role-playing adventure on consoles will want to check out September’s Pathfinder sequel.

New ground

If you’re an RPG fan who’s yet to play one of the two Pathfinder titles from Owlcat Games, then you’re missing out. Classically styled, the high-fantasy world of Pathfinder is very much along the lines of the legendary (first two) Baldur’s Gate titles.

It looks incredible for starters, with that iconic cRPG, isometric viewpoint and highly detailed environments. You can also set the combat how you want it to be, playing either turn-based or real-time.

Til now though, the sequel Wrath of the Righteous was a PC-only affair. But this September will change that, as the game makes its way to the modern round of consoles. And yes, that means Switch too (as a cloud game).

But before we get to that, there’s also what soundalike a pretty chunky new adventure coming for PC gamers. That’s The Treasure of the Midnight Isles, a DLC pack that’ll bring you to the shores of far off lands, and pit you against terrible new foes. But hey, there’s treasure, so…

Up past midnight

  • Explore the vast archipelago full of treasures and dangers in a stand-alone rogue-like mode, or as a part of the main campaign
  • Try out different builds and party compositions, taking advantage of the enormous variety of the Pathfinder role-playing system – including the mythic paths
  • Death is just a setback! If a party perishes, its progress can still help you in subsequent playthroughs
  • Equip new magic weapons, put new magic potions and scrolls on your belt, and challenge both old and new enemies
  • Discover the secret of the ship that takes you on your journeys – and the truth about the ultimate treasure you’re seeking

As for release dates, Midnight Isles is set to launch August 11th, but again remember that’s for the PC edition of the game. The console editions won’t see stores til September 29th. And that goes for both physical and digital launches, across Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch (which is the cloud version).

One cool things too, is that the console arrival will also bring the Enhanced Edition. So Wrath of the Righteous will look better than ever, and that goes for the PC version too, which will get a free upgrade.

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