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DST’s Real Ghostbusters figures will be busting into stores late this year

Happy Ghostbusters day! To celebrate the “holiday” DST has announced that their hotly anticipated Real Ghostbusters figures finally have a launch date.

The Real Ghostbusters

Did you know that the Real Ghostbusters really aren’t the “real” Ghostbusters? In a sense anyway. That’s since the Filmation version of the property actually hit first with a live-action series in the ’70s, edging out even the movie ‘Busters by a good deal. So Ghostbusters was a thing before (the animated version of that live show) Ghost Busters or The Real Ghostbusters were. And actually, it wasn’t till years after the original that Columbia’s Ghostbusters were even dreamt up. Little known fact for you, this auspicious Ghostbusters day.

Not that it’s all that relevant of a fact though, since nobody really remembers the team with the ape and the talking car. Fans are pretty much all about Peter, Ray, Winston, and Egon. And to that end, we have a very cool announcement today from Diamond Select Toys, as to the release window for their action figures based on that cartoon series.

Officially a part of their GB Select lineup, The Real Ghostbusters were shown off for the first time this past Toy Fair. In addition to being awesome all by themselves, the figures come packed with parts to assemble the front of the firehouse, as seen in GBII. Though you’ll need the rest of the figures in the sequel-centric waves to finish it.

Animated action

Series 9 is the one that you want to keep an eye out for though, if you’re a fan of the cartoon. That’ll officially kick off the animated run. Winston, Egon, and Slimer will make up the wave, set to arrive late this year. Hot on its heels will be series 10. That will include Ray, Peter, and DST’s first every fully-articulated Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Pre-orders for these will be posting soon to your favorite stores.

If you are looking to build that Firehouse by the way, then you’ll probably want to know when the rest of these will be out. Remember, you need all the figures from the new waves to do that. You can actually get waves 6 and 7 right now, as they’re all available. Wave 8 will be shipping “imminently” as well, so watch for that.

Lots to like, and plenty to drain the wallet on, if you’re a GB superfan.

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