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Preview: Meet the Dire Wolf (and a giant turtle) in Ghost Machine’s Rook: Exodus #2

The all new universes of the Ghost Machine label roll on, with the second issue in the dark sci-fi world of Rook: Exodus.

Wolf takes Rook?

Published by Image Comics, Ghost Machine continues to impress. The imprint emerged recently from a collective of comics stars, and has birthed a collection of all-new and original heroes and villains. Those characters are spread out across a total of four distinct universes, each one with a hook. And in the case of Rook: Exodus, that hook is gritty horror/sci-fi.

Now heading into issue #2, Rook: Exodus comes from a superstar creative team including Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok, Brad Anderson, and Rob Leigh. The book is terrific looking, and now is set to introduce another major character with Dire Wolf.

Who is she and what does she want with Rook? Well, we don’t really know, outside of the fact that she’s heading up a team that’s looking for the comics’ star. We don’t actually get a look at her in action, in this preview of issue #2 either, though you can check her out on the standard cover.

Just a note too, as you’ll see two covers that look the same in the gallery below. They’re not identical though, as the second one is a variant of cover two, and features the popular foil gimmick. So if you like your Rooks shiny, this is your lucky issue.

Following the high-stakes, breakout launch of Rook: Exodus #1, issue #2 introduces new allies and threats. With the imported animal population growing out of control and the world’s engine failing, the warden known only as Rook must now also face the power-hungry bear master Ursaw, who won’t rest until all of Exodus’ wardens are dead. As Dire Wolf also hunts down Rook, only one question remains about the wolves’ pack leader…is she friend or foe?

Image Comics press release

Rook: Exodus #2 arrives on stands some time in May.

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