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Top Five Board Games for Parties

Do you want to spice up your next party? Bring out one or more of these party games to make for a fun night with friends or family!

Camel Up

This game, which can be played by up to eight people, is perfect for a crowd. 

It involves betting on, you guessed it, camels. This game is quick, estimating around 30 minutes to play. It does require strategy in the sense that players have to know the right time to place a bet on the correct winner of the leg or the entire race itself. This game is simple for kids to learn with only a handful of cards to understand. The age recommendation is eight plus which could partially have to do with the fake gambling aspect. As someone who has played this with friends and family, I recommend this game for any crowd!

Taco Bell Party Pack Card Game

This game comes in a fun little box that looks like it could hold some tacos. It incorporates a lot of what Taco Bell sells at its locations including: sauce packets, chips, baja blasts, crunchwrap supremes, burritos and much more. This card game plays up to six people and is easy to set up and break down.The goal is to use your cards to make up meals. These meals, as well as the tokens that look like chips, earn you points at the end of the game. Whoever has the most points after all chips have been picked up wins the game. This is a fun game to bring out at any party. It is recommended for ages eight and up.


This card game, which can be played by up to six people, is perfect for a laid back party. The goal in this game is to collect cards with matching colors and score with them. Players can also choose to steal cards from your opponents. The way to win this is for a player to have 10 or more cards in their score pile. Since this game is only estimated to take 10 minutes at a time, it is perfect for entertaining guests without forcing them to play a two hour board game. This is fun for kids too with the age recommendation being seven and up.

Sushi Go!

This game has beautifully designed cards consisting of anything from maki rolls to dumplings with smiling faces. It consists of selecting cards from your hand that can be matched up with others to give players points. The challenging part is that the cards in each person’s hand are constantly changing which creates more of a gamble on what each player will be given next. This card game ends after three rounds and points are added up to see who the winner is. This is another quick game for parties that is kid friendly for ages eight and up and can be played by up to five players.


If you are up for a little adventure, why not take a ride aboard an aircraft that looks like a ship? In this game, which can be played by up to six people, players take turns on being the captain of the aircraft. Cards are dealt to players in the beginning to assist them on the obstacles of the journey. Essentially, the captain rolls the dice to decide what the obstacles will be as they travel from location to location. Passengers can decide if they want to get off the ship to gather items or continue on with the captain. The goal is to travel to the furthest city on the board to collect the treasures. The game ends once any player reaches 50 points. This game has fun visuals and is kid friendly for ages eight and up.

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