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Preview: The Harbinger brings Valiant’s super-team back to comics

Harbinger is back. Valiant Comics is bringing one of their biggest super-teams and most powerful characters back to their comics universe.

Hello Peter

Valiant Comics fans with any years under their belts will know Harbinger well. The team book was a mainstay in the original Valiant U back in the 90s, and was a big part of the company’s relaunch in the 2000’s.

It’s been gone for a while though, as Valiant dabbed in a load of new IPs, while continuing on with only a select few. Well that hiatus is officially over as of next month, with The Harbinger.

The new series looks pretty different from all past Harbinger titles in that its got a much more cartoony look to it. But the than that, it sure does feel like the classic series once again, as the new book sets main character Peter Stanchek on a path from being feared to being one of Earth’s greatest heroes.

Written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, and with art from Robbi Rodriguez, The Harbinger #1 is set to arrive on October 27th. Check out the full preview below, and get ready for a while new era of psiots.

Peter Stanchek – one of the most powerful psiots on the planet, gifted with immense telepathic and telekinetic abilities – will journey from being the most feared man in the world to becoming one of its greatest protectors. In this preview readers will witness how the world views Peter, a display of his incredible powers, and be introduced to Psiot City.

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