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Brutal Gamer Awards: Playstation 4 Game of the Year 2017

Although it might not quite be able to compete witht he incredible first year of the Nintendo Switch, Sony’s PlayStation 4 had a pretty strong year as well.

Where Xbox’s games of the year were smaller and indies, the Switch’s were action, platforming and strategy, PS4’s games are largely of the role playing variety. Without further ado, lets break down the top five Playstion games from the last year:

5. Pyre

Pyre deserves a spot on this list because of just how pretty the game is, but don’t let that distract you from the incredible gameplay and story the latest from Supergiant presents. The game mixes visual novel with a fun sports game to create an experience unlike any other. Loveable characters and unforgettable moments cement this game’s place on this list.

4. Uncharted: Lost Legacy

One of the higher profile games on this list, the newest Uncharted returns to the world created and fleshed out by Naughty Dog.

By all accounts, Lost Legacy is indeed a full Uncharted game. The game makes evolutions in the right places, while keeping gameplay anchors like platforming and climbing. For fans of Uncharted, Lost Legacy is another great addition. For everyone else, it’s just another great game that deserves to be played.

3. Nier: Automata

Now, we are really getting into the heavy hitters of this list.

Nier is the follow up to the PS3 Nier. The sprawling RPG broke storytelling ground by having a story that continues after the player clears the game for a first, second and third time. Here is the game’s launch trailer:

2. Horizon: Zero Dawn

When it released, Horizon was PS4’s answer to Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Both of these games are huge open world epics where you can play basically however you want. There is a reason this game was so acclaimed when it released: It is gorgeous and a blast to play. Add in strong characters and a compelling story and you have the makings of a top-two Playstation 4 game of the year.

1. Persona 5

Persona 5 is the long awaited successor to Persona 4 (Breaking new ground in this analysis, huh? hah!)

The game is a huge life sim and dungeon crawling RPG for the PS4, where you make friends by day and fight monsters by night, using your own personal demons as weapons and allies. This isn’t new for the series, but the way in which the game draws players in and refuses to let them go is pretty special.

The game is positively dripping with style, excelent musoc, art and more. This is really a game that RPG fans cannot afford to miss. Do yourself a favor and play this one.

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