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NES Classic Suffering Short Supply

NES Classic is selling like hotcakes, under supplied hotcakes The NES Classic is something most gamers would have heard about by now. Dozens of NES games, all of them packaged onto a sixty dollar console that fits in your hand. It’s proving to be quite a hot item, something no …

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Maldita Castilla (Review) Xbox One

Maldita Castilla Xbox One Review

An insanely hard journey awaits anyone crazy enough to attempt to save the day in Maldita Castilla. This 8-bit adventure is a 2D platforming murderfest. Go back to the days of the Nintendo, to the grammatically incorrect, Ghost ‘n Goblins. This historic 2D platformer followed Sir Arthur as he tries …

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Brutal Podcast 6: The Nichening

The group is back with another podcast this week! Join Erich, Rick, Jason, Callum, and Dylan to discuss the biggest happenings in gaming since we last spoke. We also fight over the pronunciation of “niche.” Yeah, we were having that kind of day.  

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