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Abatron (PC) Preview

A combination of two very different genres. It’s always fascinating to watch a developer explore uncharted territory. To see brand new ideas be put into action, games spring up around them, and the landscape of the medium grow. Abatron is one of these games. It is currently in a stage …

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Heart&Slash (PC & Mac) Review

Heart&Slash: Another entry into a thriving genre Roguelikes are a genre that have made a tremendous comeback in recent years. After several sleeper hits in 2011 and 2012, the concept behind Roguelikes have been revived and experimented on. Heart&Slash is the most recent in a very long line of Roguelikes …

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Master’s Of Orion to Exit Early Access

The Master’s of Orion reboot is almost finished Back in February of this year, Masters of Orion was released on Steam’s Early Access. A reboot for the classic Master of Orion 4x games, it has received a fair bit of attention. The reception for it is mixed at the time …

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Columnae: A Point And Click Adventure Set In A Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk World Successfully Funded

Columnae kickstarter funded

Columnae: A story-driven, point and click adventure set in a post-apocalyptic steampunk world has completed its kickstarter campaign successfully. 1,039 backers pledged €41,807 to help bring the Columnae project to life. The gaming industry has been blessed with lots of post-apocalyptic games. From nuclear-tinged wastelands to abandoned cities full of …

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This is the Police Released for PC & Mac

This is the Police releases in the waning days of Summer Summer has a reputation for being a time when there’s a drought of new releases. Normally, developers and publishers try to have releases around the holidays, or as close as possible. This seems to have been changing over the …

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