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System Shock Kickstarter Ended, 150% of Goal Reached

System Shock is cleared for launch

Earlier today, Nightdive Studios’ System Shock kickstarter came to an end. The campaign was successful, and 21,000 backers raised 1.35 million dollars. That puts the total raised at 50% above the original goal for the campaign.

System Shock failed to meet the majority of its stretch goals, only reaching three out of eleven. There does not seem to be one unified explanation for this, although there are multiple factors that may have contributed. The game being a remake of the original System Shock and not the much more popular System Shock 2 and Nightdive Studios being a unproven studio could be factors. Perhaps people are more hesitant to use Kickstarter after the poor reception of Mighty No. 9.

Despite this, the campaign fared much better on the social aspect. Two thirds of the backer achievements were unlocked, with only six being left locked. As a result, features such as gender options, additional logs and game modes will be added to the final game.

Even though the campaign may not have gone as well as the developers wanted, they appear to be quite pleased. The CEO Stephen Kick, publicly thanked fans from the bottom of his heart. He also commented that he was looking forward on having his supporters joining him on the return to Citadel Station.

System Shock is pegged to be released in December of 2017 on PC, Mac, Linux and PS4

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