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This is the Police Released for PC & Mac

This is the Police releases in the waning days of Summer

Summer has a reputation for being a time when there’s a drought of new releases. Normally, developers and publishers try to have releases around the holidays, or as close as possible. This seems to have been changing over the last few years, as the indie scene continues to grow. With smaller developers who can’t catch major attention around the holidays releasing games in Summer. The most recent example of this is This is the Police.

This is the Police is a game that was funded using Kickstarter by Weappy Studio.  $35,000 was raised for it back in February of last year. The game was intended to be released just before 2016, but was delayed until August. It was finally released today, and has been receiving a very warm reception overall.

The story is about a police chief who has half a year until retirement and is pressured to secure a retirement fund through less that legal means. He has to juggle a massive number of tasks.  Among them, managing his men, demands from the mayor, dealing with gangs, and the civil unrest that is gripping the town. All of this is accessed via a mix of strategy, visual novel and adventure gameplay.

With the recent controversies in America regarding police brutality, the developers were asked if their game was political in nature. They replied that it is not. Ilya Yanovich, head developer, said that the game “is not a political game, but a human one. It revolves around personal desires, fear and pride, love and hatred. We are storytellers, not propagandists.”

This is the Police is available for PC and Mac, and is out now.

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