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Master’s Of Orion to Exit Early Access

The Master’s of Orion reboot is almost finished

Back in February of this year, Masters of Orion was released on Steam’s Early Access. A reboot for the classic Master of Orion 4x games, it has received a fair bit of attention. The reception for it is mixed at the time or writing. Some of it positive and some negative, neither outweighing the other. Whether it’s ready or not, the game will be fully released from Early Access later this month, on August 25.

Masters of Orion has easily been one of the most expensive games in Early Access. It’s price is a hefty fifty dollars, slightly offset by it coming with bonuses.  The classic trilogy, a digital artbook, alternate skins and an exclusive race. Only the controversial Planetary Annihilation had a higher Early Access price. This is due to the Early Access version being the collector’s edition of the game. The standalone edition will only be thirty dollars, and both versions will come with a copy of Total Annihilation.

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