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Prison Architect Updated for the Final Time

The gates are slamming shut on Prion Architect, in a good way.

Initially one of the very first Early Access games on Steam, Prison Architect recently received its final update. This closes the book on six years of development for Prison Architect.  Six years that continued even after Early Access. Introversion Software has updated the game monthly for over three years. Finally, with it’s 2.0 version, the game is finished and will not receive further updates. Bug fixes and support being the exception.

The features in the last update are fairly extensive. Developer Tools and cheats, aspects that allow players to tinker with the format of the game. New policies, such as including automatically sending murders to max-sec. Finally, modding updates and a long list of bug fixes.

The devs has stated that they plan to take a short break after this. No specific length of time was mentioned, but afterwards they plan to start on a currently nameless project. Having sold two million copies of their game, it will be interesting to see where Introversion Software goes after this.

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