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Phantom Fury gameplay footage reveals action aplenty, homages to the classics

Coming up in short order for the PC, FPS soft-sequel Phantom Fury is preparing to deliver some serious throwback vibes.

Oh hi Bombshell

First launching in 2018, Ion Fury starred a new action hero with Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison. A character in the vein of the iconic Duke Nukem himself, Bombshell battled against the villainous Doc Heskel, a transhumanist out to build a cyber-utopia out of Washington DC.

Fast forward six years, and we’re on the edge of seeing the game’s first sequel debut, although that’s kind of a misnomer. According to the latest look at the game in action, Phantom Fury is more of a soft-sequel than a direct one. That’s to mean that, while it takes place in the same universe, it doesn’t pick up story beats from the first installment.

Phantom Fury has a totally new story, and plenty of new gameplay, especially where it pertains to vehicles. Oh, and don’t forget about Colonel Blade from Sin. Phantom Fury does take place in the same universe as that fan-favorite, classic FPS, and Blade will be cameoing as Bombshell takes her new fight cross country.

As you can see there, there’s a serious late-90s FPS vibe happening with Phantom Fury. Ion Fury might’ve been a Duke homage, but its sequel goes later into the decade that was the 90s, feeling much more (though not completely) like Half-Life, and fittingly, SiN.

Outside of the 20 weapon-deep arsenal too, Phantom Fury is going to be highly interactive. Players will guide Bombshell as she pilots choppers, hacks computers, and even plays a few arcade titles in between flying bullets. There’s also her new bionic arm, which sounds like it’s going to seriously shake up combat. Using that, Bombshell can “stun foes, block bullets, and cause carnage as she fights through Chicago, Albuquerque, and more”.

Ready for war? Phantom Fury is set to debut for the PC later this month, on April 23rd, 2024. There will be console editions coming up as well, though those are still quite a ways off, with publisher 3D Realms saying they’ll debut “later in 2025”.

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