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Summertime one-shot lays out the life of Marvel Comics’ Wolverine

A hero who’s life was once a total mystery, Wolverine had his origin told years ago. This summer though, fans will get the whole story.

The life and times of James Howlett

Was Wolverine a more effective character when his past was shrouded in mystery? There’s a definite argument to be made there, as the man called Logan was a massive star, and one of Marvel Comics’ biggest fan-favorite characters for decades before the dawn of the 2001 mini-series called Origin.

Origin told the tale of Logan’s beginnings, as a young James Howlett back in the 1800s, taking pretty much all of the mystery out of him. But if Origin took some of the ‘mystery man’ out of Wolverine, Life of Wolverine #1 is going to finish the job.

Cover by Ron Lim

Scheduled to ship and hit stands in July, Life of Wolverine #1 is a one-shot (so why the “#1”?) that will lay bare the history of one of the greatest X-Men of all time. From Jim Zub and Ramón F. Bachs and timed to coincide with the hero’s 50th anniversary, Life of Wolverine will walk fans through everything from the Origin days through Weapon X and lots more.

Wolverine has been mindwiped, manipulated, and given false memories so many times, what is the truth of his long life? Now, as a journey into his own past becomes paramount to the survival of mutantkind, delve into the true story of Logan’s life, from his earliest days in the late 1800s, to the many wars he’s fought alongside comrades like Captain America and Sabretooth, to the Weapon X procedures that changed his life forever, his days on the X-Men and more! All in continuity, this includes some adventures and links to the past never before revealed, giving the most complete picture of Wolverine’s history ever assembled! 

Marvel Comics press release

The unknown is revealed this July the 3rd, when Life of Wolverine #1 arrives on the stands.

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