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System Shock Remake hits the big update to version 1.2 this month

SHODAN isn’t quite done yet, in Nightdive Studios’ landmark remake for System Shock. Version 1.2 hits this month.

Not too Shocking

We first told you about this a while ago, but now we are on the eve of a massive update for System Shock’s 2023 remake. The game, if you somehow don’t know, already reforged the classic PC game with a stunning new look. Nightdive Studios was behind that, bringing System Shock back in style for a fresh generation of would-be fans, some of whom had never indulged in one of the platform’s most iconic titles.

But that was not that for System Shock and it’s evil AI called SHODAN. Not ones to rest on laurels, Nightdive announced a chunky update would be incoming that would deliver a second playable character, as well as updates to enemy behavior and combat, an easy mode (with a waypoint system) and more.

The big update arrives for PC players just a little more than a month before console players will get their first ever chance to play the game. That is expected to arrive on May 21st, and will include the version 1.2 update, bringing both editions into parity.

If you haven’t seen that action already, you can check it out below.

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