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Go behind the scenes on Call of Duty: Warzone’s Rebirth Island map

It’s back with a few new twists. The dev team at Beenox has renovated classic Call of Duty map “Rebirth Island” for the MW3 age.

Don’t call it a rebirth

How long have you been playing Activision’s premier first-person shooter, Call of Duty? If you’ve been picking up the game’s yearly editions for any length of time, then you might remember a multiplayer map called Rebirth Island.

Hailing from the “Black Ops” era of CoD, Rebirth is the latest classic map to get a full renovation, thanks to the franchise’s current time period. In this particular case, we’re talking about Warzone Season 3, and developer Beenox, who’s doing said renovating.

With the third season of the game dawning in just a few days (on April 3rd, 2024), Activision has released a little look behind the curtain on what you’ll be playing. Yes, much of what you might remember with Rebirth Island is the same, which is something that was very intentional according to the developer, but there are some key differences.

Some of those will actually change the gameplay of the map, and some were done to make sure it made sense within the Modern Warfare III time period. So if you’d like a little sneak peek for yourself, then hit play on the app below.

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