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The Alone in the Dark reboot delayed again, this time to avoid a Holiday crunch

The second delay is issued for THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive’s Alone in the Dark is announced, but it might be for the best.

Hang on Eddie, Eddie hang on

Originally, Alone in the Dark was going to reboot the iconic horror franchise this year. Actually, it was scheduled for launch back in October, which would have been pretty neat given the Halloween season. That was not to be though, as detective Edward Carnby’s eldritch adventure was pushed into 2024, and January in particular.

At the time, publisher THQ Nordic cited the fact that October was ridiculously loaded with big releases (and that was very true). Along with that, developer Pieces Interactive would use the time to polish the already great-looking title up even more. But now that Holiday Season ’23 in in full-swing, there’s a second delay of game to report, one that will nudge the title back a few more months, into March.

So what’s the reason? Well, if you believe the press release (and there’s no real reason not to), there’s a good one. Basically, THQ Nordic is saying that there’s setting up to be a good deal of crunch. So instead of putting the team through that during Christmastime, they’ll just look to release AitD a little later.

Can’t complain about that, even if you’re as excited to see this title arrive as we are.

The full statement is as follows:

The year is coming to an end, and the Christmas Holidays are upon us. However, until today, it didn’t seem that way for Pieces Interactive, the team developing our upcoming survival-horror game, Alone in the Dark. With our initially planned release date in January 2024, the Christmas season would have been filled with stress and anything but a jolly time for them.

Therefore, THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive have decided to give Alone in the Dark a new release date: March 20th, 2024.

The well-being of the teams is a top priority, and both companies want to avoid any potential crunch over the Christmas holidays. Furthermore, THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive want to ensure that the game not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the community, especially with the outstanding performances of Hollywood stars David and Jodie as the main protagonists.

We understand that many people are eagerly awaiting the release, but your patience will be rewarded. We are thrilled to scare the living daylights out of you on March 20th, 2024!

THQ Nordic press release

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