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Destiny 2’s “The Final Shape” delayed to June, Season of the Wish starts now

Things are set to heat up for fans of Bungie’s Destiny 2 this summer, with the long-awaited “The Final Shape” finally taking form.

Finally Final

As odd as this might be to read, a decade of storytelling is about to come to a close for Bungie’s sci-fi epic. Yes, ten years. That’s a long road, one that began with the original Destiny, and is set to close out with the Destiny 2 expansion dubbed “The Final Shape”.

That release has been a long-awaited one, and as Bungie puts it, they’re “taking the time we need to deliver an even bigger and bolder vision, one that we hope will be remembered and treasured for years to come.” So with that in mind, the pack is seeing a push back, and won’t arrive til June 4th, 2024. But that’s not to say that fans won’t have anything to play in the meantime.

Along with the launch news for The Final Shape, Bungie revealed that The Season of the Wish (which begins today) will be extended through the expansion’s arrival. That’s a much longer timeframe than was originally intended, as the Holiday/winter event was meant to conclude in February ’24.

Here’s a look:

Today, Bungie launched Season of the Wish, the last Season for Destiny 2 before the launch of The Final Shape. This Season continues the narrative of the past year, following the discovery of a hidden Ahamkara egg which will be used to bargain with the wish dragon, Riven. Queen Mara Sov hopes to use this to her advantage, creating a final pathway into the Traveler to confront the Witness. This Season delivers exciting weekly story missions, the new Riven’s Lair activity, the rollout of Bungie’s new Fireteam Finder feature, the return of The Citadel map in the Crucible, an all-new dungeon, and more.

Bungie press release

Along with all of the above, the original end date for Season of the Wish sounds like it’ll be a kind of transition into a ‘pt.2’, with more stuff planned to drop. Weekly progression-based quests (called Wishes) will begin at that point, and be eventually joined by Moments of Triumph, the ‘class v class’ happening called Guardian Games, and finally a two-month long event called Destiny 2: Into the Light.

That last bit will directly factor into The Final Shape, and prepare players’ Guardians for their mission into the iconic Traveller itself. It’s all coming together, and should be quite the ending for the aforementioned decade-long arc.

If you’d like to read the full statement from Bungie, click here.

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