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Siege Avalon as an undead Legion of Rome in King Arthur: Legion IX

Coming to Neocore Games’ dark-fantasy realm of King Arthur is Legion IX, an expansion that unleashes risen Roman hell.

From Tartarus to you

The dead do indeed rise in this new expansion for King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. That game’s world was already pretty dark, seeing its version of Arthur go from conquering hero to dark revenant, but now it’s getting positively hellacious.

And when we reference ‘hell’, we do so meaning the very Roman hell of Tartarus. That black afterworld will see the titular Legion IX rise up out of it, as they mean to continue their siege of the isles. But there’s one place standing in front of the undead force, and it’s none other than Avalon.

Can the living stand up to a reborn Roman Legion? Well, not if players have anything to say about it.

In the Legion IX expansion, the kingdom of Avalon is facing an all-new threat, as the Roman Ninth Legion has discovered a path to the mystical island, and is preparing an invasion. Players will experience the the brand new Roman campaign through the eyes of a tribune of the Ninth Legion, and they will uncover the remains of a Roman colony in Avalon and reveal the hidden secrets of the Lady of the Lake.

Neocore Games press release

This is just the first peek at Legion IX, and what’s shaping up to be a very cool-sounding addition to the developer’s unique (and continuing) ‘Arthurian’ universe. Look for much more to be shared in the weeks and months to come, by way of Neocore’s socials (and us).

So far we can report that you can look to be playing this dark tale some time in the first part of 2024. The tactical role-playing expansion will be priced in at $19.99 USD.

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