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Amnesia: The Bunker just kicked things up a notch (or 10) with “Shell Shock” and Custom modes

Already all kinds of brutal, terrifying survival game Amnesia: The Bunker just a pair of new “hardcore” modes.

There’s something out there… in the dark

Hitting earlier this year, Amnesia: The Bunker brought the titular series back for something altogether new for fans. The Bunker was set in the days of World War I, and specifically in an underground stronghold, where a hideous and supernatural creature stalked the living.

Caught in the dark with only a flashlight and a pistol that only served to annoy the beast, it was up to players to survive and find a way out. Sound terrifying? Sound nerve-rattling? Well, Frictional Games just pumped all of that up to eleven, with two new modes of play.

Custom Mode should be pretty self-explanatory, and becomes available after beating the campaign. It allows players to alter “more than 30 settings and parameters”, and sounds like it should allow for some pretty big alterations. And then there’s Shell Shock.

Maybe the nastiest Amnesia experience ever, Shell Shock stocks a ton of fresh features.

  • New creature behaviors that increase unpredictability.
  • Sublevel Fuse System – Restore electricity to turn on the lights in each of the Bunker’s zones.
  • Hardcore Health System – Lose health while bleeding, bandages stop bleeding but don’t restore health, and medkits stop bleeding and restore health.
  • More Randomization – Lockers and their combinations are in random locations.
  • Saving Progress Costs Fuel.
  • Locked Fuel Storage Room – the unlimited supply of fuel, an already difficult-to-access resource, is now locked and has its own combination located somewhere in the Bunker.
  • Revolver locked in storage locker, and not available from the start.
  • The Safe Room is no longer safe.
  • New Training Grounds level for you to practice your skills.
  • …and much more!

Frictional Games press release

The above is a free addition to the base title, and should be available to download and experience right now, for all versions of the game.

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