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Hot Toys’ Heir to the Empire is finally coming with Ahsoka’s Grand Admiral Thrawn

Leaping from books to animation and now to live action in Star Wars: Ahsoka, Grand Admiral Thrawn is heading to collector’s shelves.

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Most Star Wars fans probably remember the pre-Disney, Expanded Universe continuity. And in that former timeline, there are few villains who hold the same stature as Grand Admiral Thrawn. Rising to power under the Empire in the “Dark Times”, Thrawn was the heir apparent to the remnants of Imperial power in the galaxy.

Playing to that theme, he originally appeared in the “Heir to the Empire” book from writer Timothy Zahn. That turned into a trilogy all its own, and a series that was hugely important for the property in the post Return of the Jedi era.

Obviously things have changed significantly since those books’ publication in 1991. Not only has Disney taken over the IP, but the entertainment giant has changed things in a big way, effectively erasing that Expanded Universe. But while the whole of it is indeed gone, different elements from it have been working their way back into Star Wars canon. That includes the likes of the Dark Troopers, and now Thrawn himself.

Making his debut in Star Wars: Rebels, Thrawn has now made his presence felt in Ahsoka, the latest Star Wars show on Disney+. He looks the part for sure, and is played by Lars Mikkelsen, the same actor who voiced him on Rebels. And speaking of Lars, his likeness also features on Hot Toys’ new figure.

Featuring an ultra-detailed, hand-painted headsculpt, this newly revealed figure is equipped with Hot Toys’ innovative rolling eyeball system which allows fans to adjust the figure’s gaze, creating more nuanced and lifelike poses. Thrawn is dressed in an expertly tailored, screen-accurate Imperial officer’s uniform complete with belt, boots, and blaster holster. With over 30 points of articulation, the highly poseable Grand Admiral Thrawn 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure also comes with a variety of accessories including a Star Destroyer™ hologram miniature, a blaster pistol, and a datapad.

Prepare your Star Wars collection for the arrival of the Grand Admiral! The Grand Admiral Thrawn 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure by Hot Toys is available to pre-order now from Sideshow.

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Grand Admiral Thrawn is set to ship some time in late 2024 or early 2025, and is up for pre-order now via Hot Toys’ retailing partner Sideshow. He’s priced in at $255 USD and you can lock one up for yourself via the links above.

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