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Leon and Ada go their Separate Ways in today’s Resident Evil 4 expansion

As hotly-awaited as any other content expansion in recent years, “Separate Ways” has finally arrived for Resident Evil 4’s remake.

A Resident Evil Story

From the moment that Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 4 hit consoles and the PC, there were fans talking about Separate Ways. The campaign was a piece of bonus content for the original version of the survival-horror title, unlocked by completing the main game. For unfamiliar, Separate Ways told the story of Wesker’s agent Ada Wong, and what she was up to during Leon Kennedy’s adventures.

Not long ago the publisher confirmed that it would indeed be coming back around for the remaster of RE4, though in a different form. This time it’s a much more complete adventure, and it’s also looking pretty fantastic from the launch trailer.

Separate Ways reimagines and builds upon the bonus content from the original game to deliver an expanded new adventure. The story sees the enigmatic Ada Wong infiltrates the European village controlled by Los Iluminados under orders from Albert Wesker to seize the group’s darkest secret: a powerful substance known as “the Amber.” This dangerous assignment leads to an unexpected reunion with Leon S. Kennedy, presenting another perspective on the game’s narrative that answers lingering questions from the main campaign. Ada’s covert journey runs in parallel with Leon’s rescue operation and explores the shadowy events that unfold behind the scenes, revealing the full scope of the story.

Capcom press release

As you can see there, Ada has access to all the mechanics from the main campaign, with addition of a grapple. Her grappling gun has multiple uses too, and can help to traverse the expansion pack’s world plus launch her into close-quarters takedowns from a distance.

If you’re ready to plunge back into the dark world of Los Illuminados, Separate Ways is out right now for addition to all versions of the new Resident Evil 4. It’s priced in at $9.99 USD. Also worth noting, is that if you don’t have the main game yet, that’s on sale for $39.59 right now, meaning you can effectively grab the bundle for a smidge under fifty bucks.

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