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Baldur’s Gate 3 continues its adventure, jumps to PS5, continues to Xbox before year-end

The first console edition of Larian’s role-playing juggernaut Baldur’s Gate 3 is here, as the game arrives on the PS5.

Quite a role-playing week

Although it debuted about a month ago on the PC, the absolute beast of an RPG that is Baldur’s Gate 3 had seen its console launch delayed into September. And of course, we’re finally at that time, and so the epic adventure has officially dawned for the PS5.

For now, Sony’s console is the exclusive home of BG3 outside of its native PC, but that’s going to change. Larian has revealed that the title will indeed be coming to the Xbox Series X|S as well as the Mac, with the latter hitting this month, and the former before the year turns over.

Cross-saves will be active for all versions of the title too, so if you double-dip you’ll be able to continue your progress from one platform to another. On top of that, the upcoming Xbox edition will feature split-screen co-op, and it looks like both console editions have basically been built from the ground up, almost as separate entities from the PC (and Mac) version.

Larian says as much about the PS5’s Baldur’s Gate 3, again launching today, adding that “much work has gone into delivering the game’s complexities in just a few buttons and triggers”. Going one step further, the developer says that, using the DualSense controller, “access to actions, spells, long rests and items becomes a matter of muscle memory.”

If you do pick up the PS5 version today though, make sure you also download Hotfix #5. That additional download treats “PS5-specific issues and fixes a bug that blocked access to some of Minthara’s lines of dialogue”.

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