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The Elder Scrolls Online expands again with Necrom, bringing 30 more hours of adventure

Continue the epic tale of Bethesda’s RPG giant with Necrom. It’s the latest addition to the Elder Scrolls Online’s saga, and brings a ton of new content.

Darkness falls

The role-playing title that keeps on chugging, Zenimax and Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls Online is a behemoth at this point, with a ridiculous amount of content to play. Adding to that too, is Necrom, the latest expansion which picks up from the ending of Scribes of Fate.

Now, don’t worry if you haven’t finished up with that already-released pack, as Necrom won’t require you to have beaten Scribes. Though, that said, it does sound like you won’t be able to experience everything if you haven’t, as Bethesda says “players do not need to have completed the previous DLC in order to experience everything this Chapter has to offer.” So take that as you will.

Regardless though, Necrom looks pretty slick. It brings not only a new quest, but also the Apocrypha-wielding Arcanist as the first new class since 2019, and a new group-challenge called Sanity’s Edge.

Home to the devious mages of House Telvanni and the city of Necrom, the Telvanni Peninsula’s towering mushroom forests might feel familiar to those who have ventured to other parts of Morrowind. This new zone contains a host of unique encounters for players to discover, including new side quests, world bosses, delves, public dungeons, and more. 

Necrom also allows players to explore Hermaeus Mora’s own realm of Apocrypha. While this mysterious part of Oblivion contains near-limitless knowledge, be warned, many mortals have lost their souls while navigating its endless libraries. Additionally, players will be able to explore an all-new part of Aprocypha – Chroma Incognito. This new area is unlike anything ever seen before, but like the rest of Apocrypha, contains myriad hazards and secrets for players to discover. 

Bethesda press release

The Arcanist

Necrom brings one of the most requested updates, a new playable class — the Arcanist. As the first new class added to ESO since the Elsweyr Chapter’s Necromancer in 2019, the Arcanist wields the forbidden powers of Apocrypha to deal damage, absorb incoming blows, and heal yourself or your allies.  

Bethesda press release

A part of the year-long Shadow over Morrowind story-arc, Necrom is available now for PC and Mac players to add onto their base games. The Xbox and PlayStation editions of the pack are on their way soon as well, and will arrive on June 20th, 2023.

All versions of Necrom can be picked up via the ESO Store, as well as retailers or your platform of choice’s online shop.

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