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Enclave HD officially dated for release this month on consoles

A classic hack ‘n’ slash RPG, Ziggurat Interactive’s remaster of Enclave is coming up fast for consoles. Sharpen your axe and take a look at the latest.

High-def cleaving

Remember when Enclave first came out, back in 2002? Released originally for the Xbox, it was an early ‘must-play’ for Microsoft’s original console, and yet the name fell into obscurity pretty fast.

Well, if you missed out on what was a pretty terrific action role-player, now’s your chance to correct that oversight. Enclave is back in ‘HD’ form, thanks to Ziggurat and Topware Interactive, and looking shockingly good.

It’s also coming up fast, with a newly announced June 29th release date for Xbox One, PS4, and Switch (PS5 edition coming up shortly thereafter).

Here’s the latest look at it in action:

Enclave™ HD is a third-person action role-playing game with intense medieval combat, an epic soundtrack, and two separate story-driven campaigns which have the player fighting for the forces of Light or Darkness. Each faction offers six distinct character options such as Knights, Wizards, and Druids on the side of Light, or servants of the Darkness like Berserkers, Assassins, and Goblins. Wield swords, magic, and bows to wage war on your enemies and decide Celenheim’s future.

Ziggurat Interactive press release

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