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The newest free update for Dying Light 2 is live and ready to slay some zombies

The 2nd chapter of Dying Light 2’s post-launch plan is ready for download, serving up some nice bonuses with the A Huntress and the Hag.

Not the Sea Hag though

Is Dying Light 2’s version of the post-apocalypse not horrifying enough for you? Well if not, you might be interested in meeting the Hag. She’s (and I use that loosely) a special kind of infected, which can spread zombification to anyone too close.

Yep, she’s got her own little legion of the damned. And it’s up to the Huntress to stop her.

Track and hunt your prey with the Huntress and help put down once and for all the unimaginable horror that is the Hag and her legion of Plaguebearers. The Hag is a very dangerous creature and the ultimate challenge for any hunter. However, amazing new ranged weapons await for those brave enough to pursue.

Techland press release

As you saw above, A Huntress and the Hag is not paid DLC. As much is included, and it’s a fair amount, it’s free for all owners of the base title.

All told, here’s what you get:

  • New Chapter Agent — Meet Shen Xiu AKA The Huntress—the newest Chapter Agent and a very talented tracker. The mysterious bow containers littered throughout the City used to belong to her, as she is an expert in ranged weapons. Moreover, she represents the Hunters, a faction as mysterious as the Pilgrims themselves. These highly talented warriors hunt the most dangerous Infected. The chase for Shen Xiu’s latest prey led her all the way to the City.
  • New Enemies — Face thrilling new dangers in the form of the Hag (a threatening Banshee Variant) and the Plaguebearers (Human Enemies infected by the Hag). But watch out—the Hag is a very fast and nimble foe, almost impossible to hit in close quarters and easily able to catch you off guard. Humans infected by her toxic fog are almost indistinguishable from normal people; only your Survivor Sense can help you detect them!
  • New Weapons — Unlock powerful gear, such as Hunter’s Crossbow or Ballista Bow, for impressive additions to your arsenal of ranged weapons.
  • New Bounties — Accept a brand-new series of bounties focused entirely on defeating your enemies with traps, ranged weapons, or without getting hit.

Techland press release

A Huntress and the Hag is out right now to be added onto your copy of Dying Light 2 for all platforms. Yet to decide if you want to return to Techland’s post-apocalyptic version of Eastern Europe? Click here to see our thoughts on the game.

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