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It’s Vikings vs aliens in brutal side-scrolling Soulslike Song of Iron 2

Vikings versus aliens doesn’t sound like it’d work, but Song of Iron 2 makes it look like a bloody good time. Well, good and tough at any rate.

Aliens, and trolls, and draugr too

I have to admit, I’m not familiar at all with Song of Iron. A quick search though, revealed a gorgeous looking side-scroller, taking place in a gritty and blood-soaked Norse world. And from the looks of Song of Iron 2, it’s picking up that ball and running with it.

The game continues the tale of the original title, with one really big twist. Namely, that the gods that the tribes of the north worshipped have turned out to be otherworldly beings of a different sort. Good thing the All-father is is still there to guide viking hero Brekka Chainbreaker, as he seeks to unite the clans against the invaders, and gain no small bit of vengeance along the way.

Navigate a dark-fantasy landscape full of old forests, swamplands, and snow-capped mountains. Sail to new locations rife with danger and secrets alike, strange Imperium facilities, ancient seals of gods, and relics of the past. The Imperium’s veil is shaken, and old magics are slipping through the cracks. Use the gift of foresight to unite the region’s clans by either convincing them of the looming threat or forcing them to follow your cause. War is coming and their strength is needed.

Resting Relic press release

Song of Iron 2 promises more than just axe on blaster combat, as it looks like a good deal of Norse mythos will be included. Players will face off with “goblins, trolls, draugr, Imperium guards, and even gods” on their quest. And as mentioned, that won’t be a cakewalk.

As you’d imagine with that setup, forging your way against a superior foe will be difficult, but so will battling against enemy Norsemen. Song of Iron 2 won’t go easy on players, and will feature gameplay that emphasizes keeping the pressure on your foes. So if you’re looking for a challenge, this one just might give you one.

As cool as it’s looking though, Song of Iron 2 is still a ways off. The game is set for release some time in 2023, for Xbox platforms and the PC.

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