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New Jurassic figures arriving for pre-order, with Dr. Sattler and the fan-fave Dilophosaurus

A pair of new Jurassic World figures, Ellie Sattler and the Dilophosaurus are up for pre-order this week, both part of the new Hammond Collection.

We have a… Dilo

The Hammond Collection is something relatively new from Mattel. It’s more or less what you’re used to seeing from the company’s Jurassic World collection, but just given a little bit of a kick in the pants. So you’ll find improved pain apps, and in the case of the humans, optional parts.

Both elements are on display with the Hammond Collections newest additions. Both are franchise classics too, hailing from the Jurassic Park trilogy are the Dilophosaurus and Dr. Ellie Sattler.

The Dilo is looking pretty darn great, with a removable frill and articulation that includes a movable jaw. She stands in at 3.72″ tall, and almost 8″ long at 7.50. The fact that you can take off that frill is particularly nice, since previous versions of the dino have had it moulded on.

As for the good paleobotanist, she’s 3.65″ tall, and as you can see she includes two sets of arms. And yes, one of those has a pair of gloves on them, that are covered with… let’s say ‘dirt’. She also comes packed in with a giant leaf, so you can pose her giving it a look-over on your shelf.

Speaking of, it looks like she has double-jointed knees too, which is impressive. I haven’t paid too much attention to the Hammond Collection’s human figures, and I wasn’t expecting that level of articulation. That’s also a shockingly decent sculpt of actress Laura Dern.

Both of the above are looking at September launches, so they’re both right around the corner. Each figure is priced in at $14.99 US, and can be pre-ordered via most of the bigger online retailers right now. That includes from our sponsors at Entertainment Earth, which you can find through the links above.

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