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Original horror coming up from Dark Horse with Canadian wilderness tale, Skinner

A weekend with an experienced guide, deep in the Canadian wild sounded like a solid time for some “Internet” celebs. After all, what could go wrong?

Not the wrestler

Say the name “Skinner” in conjunction with a horror story, and you’re probably imaging all kinds of terrible things. Chances are you’re on the mark with some of them too, as this original tale of terror in the woods sounds like it might be all the right kinds of scary.

Cover art from Samwise Didier

Skinner comes from the pen of writers Micky Neilson and Samwise Didier, and is an original and self-contained graphic novel. If the names sound familiar, they’ve worked on some big name stuff.

It’s a list that includes World of Warcraft, Diablo, and The Last Winter. But Skinner sounds like none of that, not even Diablo, as it’s a story about some fish-out-of-water, being lost and stalked through the wild by… something terrible.

Skinner is the terrifying tale of six internet celebrities who accompany a superstar survivalist on a one-week trip deep into the remote Canadian wilderness. After their plane crashes, the influencers and their guide are stalked by a mountain man of local legend—Skinner—who tracks, murders and skins his victims. When the celebrities mount a desperate counterattack, they discover that there is much more to the Skinner myth than any of them could have imagined—a nightmare creature that can assume any form.

Dark Horse Comics press release

Featuring interiors from Piotr Kowalski, colors by Dennis Calero, and letters by Frank Cvetkovic, Skinner is set to stalk stores on May 3rd, 2023.

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