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WWE 2K22 showcases My GM mode in new videos

Almost a game in its own right, My GM mode in WWE 2K22 lets players dig in and build their brand in some impressive ways.

And better than ever

As the games of 2022 go, WWE 2K22 is a pretty big one. Yes, it’s the next iteration of 2K’s long-running wrestling series, but it’s also the series’ triumphant return. And from the looks of things, developer Visual Concepts is going all out for it.

The latest looks at the game in action showcase a mode that you might not be all that excited about at first. But although My GM doesn’t sound all that sexy when you hear it, it looks like it easily could have been a full featured game all by itself.

Did the above pique your interest? There’s a lot more to My GM, than was touched on above.

In all, the mode will include:

  • General Manager and brand selections, impacting gameplay throughout the mode with power-ups and distinct interactions;
  • Drafting a balanced roster, including custom Superstars, while managing budget to later sign free agents, enhancement talent and Legends;
  • Match booking and show logistics, allowing players to choose various match types, arena locations, production elements and more;
  • Power Cards and Commissioner Goals, providing gameplay boosts and guidance should players choose to follow it, or not;
  • Simulate, play, or enter Spectate Mode throughout booked matches, running the show in real time, controlling camera angles, and striving for a five-star match, summed up in a Match Report with tips for improvement.

Ready to rumble? WWE 2K22 is set to arrive on consoles and the PC on March 11th, 2022.

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