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Inferno sends Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men run out with a blaze

It’s coming to an end, as writer Jonathan Hickman’s redefining X-Men run is coming to a fiery end with Inferno. The end begins on September 29th.

A burnin’ ring of fire

You may love Jonathan Hickman’s new age of X-Men, or you may hate it. But whatever you think of it, you have to respect what the writer pulled off. Beginning with House of X and Powers of X, a pair of series’, Hickman took the X-Men and almost completely upended the team’s existing lore.

Personally, it was a bit much for me, but it’s impressive nonetheless. Now though, it’s finally coming to an end, and it’s going to be a flame-filled one.

That’s thanks to Inferno, a new limited series spinning out of the events of the Hellfire Club Gala and subsequent trial of Magneto.

A high-stakes mutant drama, INFERNO will provide the startling payoff to long-running plotlines including Mystique’s quest to be reunited with Destiny, startling shakeups to the Quiet Council, and the looming threat of Nimrod. Alliances will be broken, secrets will be revealed, and the once-bright future of mutantkind will be endangered like never before. Fans can get their first look at this revelatory saga in the all-new INFERNO trailer, featuring never-before-seen artwork.

Marvel Comics

While Hickman will be penning every one of Inferno’s four 160 page issues. Yes, 160 pages each, this one’s a biggie. But while Hickman will be writing the entirety, a different artist will be on board for all of them. That starts with Valerio Schiti, but also will include R.B. Silva and Stefano Caselli.

Look for Inferno #1 on the stands this month, on September 29th.

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