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E3 2021: Xbox shows off Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, plus a cinematic

One of the biggest games coming to Xbox Series X|S this holiday season (?) is definitely Halo Infinite. And if you love the series for its multiplayer, you’re gonna be happy.

Coming soonish

We’re finally almost to the finish line. Hopefully. It’s been a winding road after all, as short as it’s been. Halo Infinite was of course meant to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X|S, but it dropped out of contention for that rather abruptly, and was delayed without a new release date.

So here we are, a little over a half-year into the new console’s life, and we’re getting another look at the title in question. And quite frankly, I think the delay might’ve been a very good thing indeed. That’s because Halo Infinite is looking incredible.

Microsoft showed off a ton of in-game action, by way of Halo’s famous multiplayer, the other day, and it’s awesome stuff. Check it out in the video below.

Want more? Okay! Microsoft was nice enough to run a special, deeper look at Halo Infinite’s multi today, and we have the video for that as well.

I was a monster Halo 2 multiplayer fan, but I fell off the multi-train altogether after I had moved on from that game. And I have to admit, this look at Infinite’s offerings has me wanting to dive back in and get slaughtered. It’s a particular itch, that.

But can we see the campaign?

Beyond the multiplayer, there wasn’t much to see from Halo Infinite. The gameplay that we got to see was all in the multiplayer, so looks at Covenant (or, former Covenant) troops wasn’t exactly all that deep.

We did see some during the cinematic look that was on display, but it wasn’t good enough for me. It’s also apparently not available anywhere online in an official capacity, though you can find it on YouTube. As a big Halo fan though, I definitely want more of a look at the campaign.

My impatience aside, that’s something that’s no doubt on the way. It kind of has to be, since Microsoft is saying that Halo Infinite will be on Xboxes by the end of the year.

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