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Onslaught adds biggest new Age of Conan update in years

The Age of Conan is getting bigger. Okay, a lot bigger. The game is about to get an update called Onslaught, that adds in new quests, loot, and more.

Behold the Onslaught

It’s been a good long time since Age of Conan saw launch. How long? The game, which is an MMORPG, arrived on the PC way back in May of 2008. So with that in mind, how cool is it that a 12 year old title has received an update at all, let alone one this monstrous.

The currently free to play Age of Conan, which is now officially “Age of Conan: Unchained”, now has content based on The Black Colossus. An original Conan story from creator Robert E. Howard, The Black Colossus’ video game ‘adaptation’ brings new quests and loot, along with a new game mode and play field.

Onslaught introduces a new game area based on Robert E. Howard’s Black Colossus (1933), one of the original short stories featuring Conan the Barbarian. Here, you will be faced with a new threat, as the ancient wizard Thugra Khotan has awoken after thousands of years and is seeking to fulfill his ambition of world domination. Waves of ferocious armies will charge at you on the steps of the great Ivory Dome of Kutchemes. The dome itself is said to contain unimaginable riches, but also a slumbering dread god.

Players can also enjoy a new game mode, new quests, and a selection of new and exquisite weapons and armor, including powerful starmetal weapons and The Thugra Khotan Vanity Armor.

For the complete list of new game features, check out www.ageofconan.com.


Onslaught is out right now to add onto your copy of Age of Conan: Unchained for the PC, and is a free update.

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