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Meet Rampage, Fury’s steed in Darksiders III

The third game of the Darksiders series is almost here. And as usual, the starring Horseman has a steed. This time it’s Rampage.

Rampaging Fury

Pretty slick trailer right there. An iconic song paired with striking visuals of the main character, and of course her steed. But what does Fury see at the close, off in the distance? Her brothers? Maybe. We don’t know a ton about the third Darksiders game in terms of story yet, so your guess is as good as mine or anyone else’s.

Presumably though, it follows Darksiders II in timing, which would mean that it takes place in roughly the period as the previous installment. If I remember correctly, all of the Darksiders games are supposed to take place simultaneously, though that plan might’ve changed. It’s been while after all, since we’ve seen the Horsemen of the Apocalypse in action.

That changes next week when Fury follows on the heels of War and Death in telling the tale of a premature apocalypse. The game is set to arrive on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November the 27th.

As you might’ve heard too, there are several different packages for it, with one very impressive retail box including a quartet of statues.

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