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Brutal Gamer’s Game Of The Month For August 2018 Is Dead Cells

August may have turned into another dry month for gamers. However, several of August’s best games caught our eyes here at Brutal Gamer.

Zombies, Monsters, and Reanimates

Noticeably absent from August was a stellar new AAA title. But the surprising quality of indie titles like Graveyard KeeperDeath’s Gambit, and Dead Cells kept us incredibly entertained during the lapse. PC players made off last month like kings, with the excellent Monster Hunter: World and Yakuza 0 ported to Steam.

As we kick off the dust of August, tick these three titles to your wish list.

August’s Game of the Month: #1 – Dead Cells

From Jason’s review:

While things are pixely, the effect work at play is flat out gorgeous. Developer Motion Twin has crafted a world that’s a dream to look at and play through. While you won’t find any of modern gaming’s shock and awe moments here, Dead Cells is about as good looking as it can possibly be… [The] game has a tremendous sense of progression, and always makes you feel as though you’re making headway, even when you restart. Again, there’s some kind of magic baked into this one. It really is that good, and I feel like I can say with some certainty that anyone who is into side-scrolling Metroidvanias will at least find something to like here.
Our score: 92%

#2 – Monster Hunter: World (PC)

PC players finally got to realize the gorgeous, GPU-hungry beast with Monster Hunter: World’s long-anticipated platform port. No game in 2018 had quite the splash Monster Hunter: World has had on the industry landscape. The highly-niche but beloved Japanese franchise took the gaming world by storm with its console release back in January and retained a popular fandom throughout the year. It came at an opportune time – when Destiny 2 players were fed up with the changes Bungie’s team was making behind the scenes, Monster Hunter: World filled the gap players needed for an action-packed grind. Now, with an excellent – if highly demanding – PC release, there’s a definitive hunting experience for most modern gamers.

Switch owners, don’t worry. You can get your own monster hunting experience with Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

#3 – Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season Ep. 1

The series that catapulted Telltale to fame began its final chapter with Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season. This season, a much older Clementine faces the true horrors of the world she inhabits, having lived through countless tragedies. Her survival skills are put to the test with a new group of survivors, as she comes to realize something’s not quite right in her new group.

Episode 1 was an incredibly emotional ride. With Clementine now taking care of the young AJ much like Lee did for her, the series may be ending much like it began. This season should focus on the consequences an apocalyptic world would have on childhood development. The subject matter of the first episode sparked some of the studio’s best storytelling work and left us chomping for more in the next episodic installment.

Those were August’s stand-out titles – but are you interested in the month ahead? Check out September’s release schedule here.

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