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Chrono Crusade The Complete Series Episode Three: ‘The Servants’ (Anime Recap/Review)

In this episode, Chrono and Rosette befriend and rescue Azmaria- a sweet and sensitive 12-year-old girl.

The Prophecy of Fatima

The story goes like this.

In Portugal of 1917, Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherds and bestowed upon them three prophecies:

Virgin Mary as Depicted in Chrono Crusade

The First World War will end, a greater war will begin, and an unknown prophecy was sealed away in Rome by the Pope.

Father Remington says based on recent intel gathered, Servants of God (those that have inherited God’s power) do exist, and must be protected by the Order of Magdalene at any cost. During his voice-over Rosette and Chrono are shown getting ready for their rescue mission at a casino and resort hotel.

A Flashy And Fancy Rescue Mission

Chrono and Rosette enter a theater where they observe Azmaria Hendric (Saeko Cheeba) singing on stage.

Azmaria sings

Chrono and Rosette enter a theater where they observe Azmaria Hendric (Saeko Cheeba) singing on stage. Rosette quietly explains to Chrono that Azmaria was part of an orchestra but was forcibly taken away, and put into the custody of Ricardo Hendric (Iemasa Kayuma) the casino and resort hotel manager.

Chrono spots someone he recognizes standing beside Ricardo in the front row of the theater, deducing that Ricardo has made a contract with a devil in the shadows of his success. It’s revealed that Ricardo has ulterior motives for having custody of Azmaria, and is on borrowed time.

Rosette decides to have a little fun at the casino and when she doesn’t get a match at the slot machine, hilarity ensues when she asks Chrono for a coin.

Rosette dressed all fancy

Chrono declines and Rosette teases him by saying that he was distracted by her booty, and shakes it causing him to blush. They cutely argue and Chrono says that they need to focus on the mission, and he tries to pry Rosette away from the slot machine. She clings onto the slot machine lever tightly.

As she tries to resist Chrono pulling her away Rosette breaks the lever. They both freak out and run away.

Rosette and Chrono split up to stake out different areas of the casino- Rosette takes Ricardo’s private floor, and Chrono is outside. They communicate with each other on an ear piece while Rosette is hiding behind an indoor plant, and she hears Chrono get attacked. This causes her to have an outburst out of worry and not wanting to get caught she looks for a place to hide.

She goes into the nearest staff room meeting Azmaria.

Azmaria is understandably scared at first, but Rosette says she is with the Order of Magdalene and is there to rescue her. Rosette tries to escape with Azmaria but is caught by the devil Chrono noticed back at the theater. Azmaria makes an excuse that Rosette had lost something and was just going with her to look for it, but the devil says to leave it to those tasked with helping guests.

Just as Azmaria is about to leave with the devil Chrono crashes into a wall of the casino due to the fight with a statue that attacked him. Upon hearing his name the devil recognizes Chrono indicating the past between them. Chrono, Azmaria, and Rosette make a break for it by fighting their way out.

The Power of Azmaria’s Song

Unfortunately,  the battle causes the casino to collapse- injuring innocent people in the process. Chrono and Rosette are in disbelief for what they let happen, but Azmaria feels like it’s her fault causing her to cry.

Healing song

As she cries she starts singing a song which heals the injured and is proof that she is a servant.

Why The Devils Want The Servants of God

Three days later Rosette is emotional towards Sister Kate and pleads for more information about the servants. Sister Kate (Yoshiko Sakakibara) is hesitant at first but explains that devils can get stronger by feeding on the power of God. It’s revealed by Father Remington that Rosette’s brother Joshua is also a servant and Rosette has a flashback from when he healed her knee when they were kids.

Each servant symbolize a virtue and Azmaria and Joshua represent charity and hope respectively.

Later, Father Remington and Sister Kate have a conversation among themselves, about how Ricardo hasn’t tried to get Azmaria back, but Remington points out that Ricardo is holding them in contempt and figures he can get Azmaria back at any time.

Azmaria overhears the conversation and runs out crying feeling like it’s her fault.

Unwinding at a Lake Surrounded by Mountains

Rosette and Chrono come across Azmaria crying against a tree and when she insists that she’s fine Rosette knows better and whisks her away to a lake.

At the lake Chrono, Rosette, and Azmaria have fun and splash each other with the water, while sharing many laughs. Rosette gently tells Azmaria that it’s okay to cry and to share what worries her with others because if she holds it in, the only person it’s hard on is her.

The Battle Begins

Their touching moments are cut short when Chrono’s attacked by Viscount Lerajie.

A familiar face from Chrono’s past

(Hiroshi Yanaka) Azmaria tries to protect Rosette and Chrono by offering to go with Lerajie without hesitation. Once he has Azmaria he attacks Chrono and Rosette anyway ending the episode in a cliffhanger.

Final Thoughts

As we progress through the series we are able to develop emotional connections to the characters. Azmaria is a sweet addition to the cast and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. She’s sweet, innocent and didn’t deserve the misfortune she’s been through. I particularly loved how her history gives Rosette a way to be an older sister to her.

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