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Three Strafe Collector’s Editions head to pre-order

Have you seen Strafe? The uber-violent love letter to 90s shooters? Then you’re going to want to see these Collector’s Editions.

The big box is back! Sorta

Aside from in your face, over the top gore in games, the 90s were also known as the big box era for PC games. Though you wouldn’t know it now, since everything is digital, PC games used to be big business at retail stores. I remember the shelves at my local EB being overflowing with boxes. And most of those packages were monsters, some with cool pack-ins or interesting box features, all to make ’em as neat-looking as possible.

That era eventually turned into the little-box years. That’s when all PC game boxes were formatted similarly, after-which everything went digital. Well, almost everything. Every year there are still a few titles that go the boxed route.

Yes, like everything else about Strafe, it’s going to be for sale 90s style (as well as digitally). Devolver Digital and developer Pixel Titans have revealed no less than three CE’s today for the blood-soaked blaster. And yes, they’re all awesome.

Check ’em out:

  • STRAFE® Throwback Collector’s Edition: Designed and produced by Special Reserve Games, this handsome collection of 90s era STRAFE® includes items like floppy disks and pogs and comes with a digital download of the game on Steam.
  • STRAFE® Vinyl Collector’s Edition: Produced by industry leader Laced Records, audiophiles can choose between the standard two-disc vinyl set or the special edition that is limited to 300 copies. Both versions of the STRAFE® vinyl set are adorned with custom artwork inside and out and fans can bundle the vinyl set with a digital download of the game.
  • STRAFE® PS4 Collector’s Box: A limited run of STRAFE® PlayStation Blu-Ray disc and case is being made available via Special Reserve Games, region free.

Pick your poison, Strafe launches on the PC and PS4 on May 9th. Pre-ordering? Then you’ll get the “the exclusive in-game VV-1N weapon that will change the face of exclusive in-game preorder bonuses forever.” …I think that might be a possible overstatement there. Possible.

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