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HellBoy & The BPRD 1954 – Ghost Moon #2 (comic) Review

Hellboy and Archie battle demons while Susan and Roland search out the mystical Hunping. What is really causing all this unrest? Find out in HellBoy & The BPRD 1954 – Ghost Moon #2.

Dangerous Demons

Ghost Moon #2 opens with Hellboy and Archie trying to survive against these animal faced demons that seem to be after them. Inside, Susan is learning a great deal from the bound man with the strange crane tattoo. Susan recognizes it from childhood stores about the Golden Crane Society. This society has long been tasked with protecting the world from otherworldy threats. A BPRD from ages ago, if you will. The Chinese leader was collecting mystical artifacts for himself, and the Golden Crane Society could not let the power fall in the wrong hands.

Upstairs, Roland confronts his associate Thomas, who has taken the Hunping for himself. We learn that this particular spirit jar was formed to not hold just one spirit, but multitudes. The possessor of the jar is granted with supernatural power. The demons outside that are battling Hellboy are actually after a number of the spirits that Thomas’ actions are drawing in.

The demons are gatekeepers to Hell, and are tasked with bringing wandering spirits to judgement. Thomas’ charging the Hunping is disrupting the natural order of things. Thankfully, Once they are far enough removed from the demons’ path, Hellboy and Archie realize they are in the clear. It was not them, that they were after.

Lofty Aspirations

Thomas is telling Mr. Childe all about his plans to spare Roland’s life if he agrees to work for Thomas. Thomas easily deflects a bullet as he shows off his great abilities. He proceeds to crush Mr. Childe for his interference when Bao Shi and Susan arrive on the rooftop. Bao Shi takes on Thomas, while Susan heads for the unattended spirit jar. Roland falls to the ground just as Susan makes it to the jar. She has no idea what she’s doing, aside from stopping Thomas from proceeding with his plan.

Once she makes contact with the jar, she witnesses the horror of everything available, and realizes instantly what has to happen. Thomas does not want the jar to leave the roof, let alone his protective circle. Susan quickly throws the jar to Hellboy. Once he has it, she tells him all he needs is to smash the jar, and things will be returned to order.

Never arguing with a chance to break things, Hellboy makes quick work of this jar. Immediately the sky fills green with spirits in flight. The Ox and Horse-headed demons come to the source of the outpouring. They tell all living spirits to return to their bodies and go on living as intended, while those who have passed must travel with them to have their fate decided. Thomas chides the BPRD for foiling his plans, and Roland quickly puts a round through his skull. That is one way to shut him up, permanently.

Mysterious Machinations

The demons thank Hellboy, calling him cousin. The Demon King will remember his help in this matter, and that the demons will be made aware of who Hellboy is. But what does this mean for Hellboy? Only time will tell. With that, Hellboy and Archie seek out a place to grab some food. Bao Shi emparts some unknown knowledge to Susan, and she now has something on her agenda down the line. What that could be, we may learn later.

The BPRD and the SID part ways amicably, heading back to their lives. Agents Childe and Daw return to the SID headquarters, for a meeting with their superiors. They share that the BPRD has no idea who the SID really are, or what they are up to. BPRD agents are good in cleaning up a mess, however.
There are some mysterious agents loose in Copenhagen, that the SID will be investigating in the near future.


It’s always good to see a different spin on things, and Mignola is quite good at it. Just because Hellboy is a force to be reckoned with, does not always make him the target. This time around, his presence was able to buy the BPRD some time, but thatis about all it amounted to. I get a kick seeing Susan Xiang, Archie, Vic and the other BPRD team members bring to the table. Keep it up!

HellBoy & The BPRD 1954 – Ghost Moon #2

Writer: Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson
Artist: Brian Churilla
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Mike Huddleston

Plot - 83%
Writing - 82%
Art - 90%



It is amazing what people think they can get away with.What one human can do to hold demons at bay. Only a temporary setback. Who are the SID really? and what did the man tell Susan Xiang? Sounds like fuel for another story arc to me.

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