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Shadow Warrior 2 DLC: Bounty Hunt Part 1 Now Available

A new DLC package for Shadow Warrior 2 is now available. From Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital comes Bounty Hunt Part 1. This DLC includes several new maps as well as some new weapons. Best part about this DLC, it is completely free! To celebrate the release of the DLC, Shadow Warriors 2 is 25 percent off on Steam.

Shadow Warriors 2 Bounty Hunt
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Enjoy The Zany Action Of Shadow Warriors 2

Lo Wang and the gang is back in this FPS sequel to the mega-hit, Shadow Warrior. Players can team up in groups of four and take on the twisted world of demons. Players will be armed with a plethora of weapons at their disposal, from swords to guns to even the head of Medusa. Lo Wang is going to need all this arsenal because he has stumbled into the wrong situation. Now Lo Wang must solve the mysteries surround a scientist, a cult leader and a new drug, Shade.


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