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Long War 2 Launches on Steam Workshop

Long War 2 is here to make you suffer

Long War 2 was announced not too long ago, to the glee of many XCOM fans. After the original Long War expanded on Enemy Unknown, it was only a matter of time. Now, Long War 2 is here, available for free on Steam Workshop. And it has quite a bit to offer.

New weapons in the form of coilguns were announced before now, but now we have even more. Eight brand new mission types have been included in the mod. Jailbreak, Haven Defense ADVENT Base Assault, Invasion, Rendezvous, and ADVENT Supply, Intel, and Recruiting Raids. These missions range from assaulting military bases, to defending convoys, to hunting down spies, and plenty more.

On top of all that, Long War 2 introduces much more to the aspect of resisting an occupying force. You’ll have to manage the efforts of individual cells in order to maximize the resistance. Oh, just to make things even better, it takes longer to evacuate and enemy reinforcements are stronger. If you want to check all of this out, just head on over to the Steam Workshop.  More information is available here.

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