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For Honor Closed Beta Coming Next Week

For Honor has a closed beta right around the corner

For Honor is an interesting looking game that has mostly flown under the radar. In it, knights, samurai and vikings will be battling each other for supremacy. A concept that grabs the attention of anyone who hears it, at least that’s how it went for me. For Honor has mainly been kept under wraps, but in a week it will be entering a closed beta.

Three game modes will be in For Honor’s beta, out of the five planed. Players will be able to enjoy the following: 4v4 Dominion, 2v2 Brawl, and 1v1 Duel. Twelve heroes are planed and nine of them will be available to be taken out for a test drive.

The game will be taking a continuous multiplayer role, in other words, each match will have an impact on the overall conflict. It is unclear how exactly this mechanic will work, but we’ll be finding out soon. The beta will go live on January 26, and will last until January 29

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