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Final Logan trailer picks up the action

It’s a much more action-oriented trailer that finishes out the pre-release hype for Fox’ Logan. This one’s a little NSFW too.

Logan and X-23 in action

Is that Mr. Sinister in the trailer, exiting the helicopter? It might be, as he’s the rumored heavy for the final X-Men film with Hugh Jackman. Then again though, we really don’t know. He’s been a shadowy presence all the way along, and that includes here in this last pre-release trailer.

If the villain is Sinister though, he’s had a good long time to move his plans forward. The evil geneticist last appeared in X-Men: Apocalypse after all, taking samples of Logan’s blood from the Weapon X program. So apparently, he’s been working away on making an army of Logans for around thirty years.

And of course, we see one of those clones here, with X-23. It’s pretty neat to see her in action, especially alongside Wolverine himself. Any kind of storyline for her though, will be radically different than in the comics, as Logan (the movie) takes place int he future, and all the X-Men are dead and buried by the time it’s story opens.

Endings, and beginnings?

Though it’s not clear either, and I’m kind of thinking that Logan is a goodbye to more than Jackman. That it’s also a goodbye to the old timeline of the original X-Men films. Remember that there’s a brand new one, that was started in Days of Future Past and is still playing out. True, that’s where we last saw Sinister, but as we’ve seen from Fox’ X-universe in the past, they’re not exactly afraid to reshuffle things.

I still can’t see the X-Men movies without Wolverine though. Maybe that’s just me, but even with the character taking a back seat in the comics, he’s still one of the most popular superheroes of all time. Could Fox really just nudge him aside? I’m thinking ‘no’. Who they’ll cast though (as a younger Logan) is anyone’s guess.

I’m getting ahead of myself though. For now, X-fans have Logan to focus on. And it should be a good one, finally offering a blood-soaked Wolverine story to fans. Catch it in theaters when Hugh Jackman pops his claws for the last time, on March 3rd.

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