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KontrolFreek Destiny Signature Thumb Pads Review

Do 8.0 mm of gripped rubber really make you a better Destiny player?

My personal weapon of choice in Destiny.

Apparently, it really does. At least, in my experience with them I feel that it did. As it is, I maintain a pretty high accuracy when I play FPS’, but when playing Destiny with these bad boys, I felt my accuracy instantly improve. I put in several hours of gameplay with and without the pads to see the actual difference and see if my performance really did change. It was a little difficult to really gauge as your performance is partly dictated by your team mates as well as your fellow competitors. Overall, whenever I had the pads on my Xbox One remote, my K/D ratio was much higher, more consistently than when I didn’t have them on my sticks.

KontrolFreek is known for having several different options and absolutely specialize in your thumbstick needs. Going to their website and hovering over the thumbsticks tab will showcase a plethora of pads. You can select from low rise, mid rise or high rise sticks as well as differentiate from convex or concave designs. Overall, the combinations are endless. The Destiny CQC Signature’s are a low rise set of pads (they measure only 8.0mm) that do not feel too awkward once you put them on.

A look at the hybrid convex/concave design

You know that something is different, your thumbs are slightly raised, but it feels comfortable overall. This signature series also includes a hybrid concave/convex design so it would be comfortable for all players whether they favor one over the other. The extra height provided as well as it’s hybrid pad design increase your overall range of motion by 103% (statistic provided on their site) due to the edges of your thumb not being in contact with the rest of the controller. These pads were specifically designed to enhance your gaming performance in Destiny.

Destiny’s Iron Banner… my battleground.

I decided to test my performance not in just the general crucible, but specifically in the Iron Banner event. While it would be questioned as to why I would go this route, it seemed the logical choice overall for one main reason… my light level. My current light level in Destiny is 309 with the current light level cap being 335. Needless to say, I was going against some high powered enemies while I was walking around, under powered and fearing for my performance with a Zhalo Supercell trying to do what I can as a Titan. Little did I know that those extra 8.0 mm’s of rubber would put me at the top of most matches. I was even able to achieve getting the highest score in the match in one round, while also being one of the weakest in light levels. My accuracy was pin point and headshots were in abundance. If my performance was any indication of its use, these pads have proven their worth. I absolutely recommend these pads if you are looking for a more accurate shot and more control of your sights overall. I highly recommend!

Besides Destiny, they have several game specific options.


Small alteration, HUGE results

Design - 90%
Overall Function - 100%



Overall, KontrolFreeks Destiny signature game pads are absolutely worth it for those looking to get a more competitive edge in FPS'. I felt the difference and confirm they do help!

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