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Who’s That Pokemon?: New Pokemon Leaked

Overnight, various clips circulated online revealing 7 new Pokemon. The leaked clip garnered a mixed response from fans. The Pokemon Company released an official trailer which confirms the leaked information as being real.

The reception to the newly announced creatures has been lukewarm. Netizens were convinced that these characters were fake, citing that their appearances were not in line with the Pokemon art style. The net is buzzing with comments on the goofiness of the Pokemon’s designs. However, suspicions were put to rest when they were confirmed as official Pokemon.

Aside from new Pokemon, it seems as though the trailer shows what looks like a Gym Leader and some pretty stylish attack animations. It also confirmed the return of some fan-favorite Pokemon including Milotic and Slowbro.

Currently, information (including names) available about the new Pokemon is only available in Japanese. I will update this article as soon as the information is available in English.


In translations done by Serebii, the Pokemon’s information is as follows:

Tapukoko is an Electric/Fairy who is debuting with the new ability, Elec Maker. This ability causes the battlefield to be Electric Terrain, giving an advantage to electric-type Pokemon.  Charjabug, looks like a bus and evolves into Vikavolt. Both are Bug/Electric-types. Drampa, the dopiest of the bunch, is a Normal/Dragon-type.

Bruxish, the weirdest looking of this batch, is a Water/Psychic-type. Cutiefly, deserving of its name, is a Bug/Fairy-type. Joining the new arrivals is Togedemaru. The electric rodent is an Electric/Steel-type that looks like it will be giving Pikachu a run for its money.

You can check out the Japanese announcement trailer here:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTt65qAkR84[/embedyt]


You can pick up Pokemon Sun and Moon November 18th for the 3DS! Check out the Steel-book “Fan Versions” of the game here.

What do you think about the new Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below!

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