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Not Your Father’s Flintstones

Flintstones – Yabba Dabba Do?

Back in the paleolithic town of Bedrock, the Flintstone’s have gotten quite the facelift. While it is still The Flintstones, it’s not quite the Flintstones we remember. Wilma creates modern art, and Fred shops at Neanderall & Big Men’s Clothing store.flintstones 2

DC Comics have given Steve Pugh and Mark Russell quite the free reign in this rebirth of a classic title. Fred and Barney go to show some Neanderthals a good time at Slate’s Quarry. Will the new Flintstones be well received, or have Fred and Barney gone too far from good-ol’ Bedrock? I guess we will have to wait and  see how the employee hot tub party goes.

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Source: Gamespot

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