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Duel Wielding Hero, Khaimera, Joins Paragon’s Cast

Khaimera, a dual wielding fighter, is the 18th hero to join the free-to-play MOBA Paragon’s character list. Codenamed Tomahawk, this double axe swinging bundle of awesomeness will be available from today, 21st June 2016.

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Pitched as a mid-level rogue hero, Khaimera excels at disrupting the opposing team and taking out isolated targets. A decent Basic Attack Power Level of 6 and an impressive Durability rating makes him a reasonable choice for those that prefer their combat up close and heavy.

Most of Khaimera’s abilities focus on duels. Ambush allows players to leap on their target and cause physical damage to the area around them. Cull roots a specific target in place, providing an opening for a string of physical attacks. Unleash releases the beast’s inner fury, allowing max attack speed for a total of 5 seconds. The most enticing ability is KhaimeraSpirit Regeneration: A passive skill that leads to stacks of Health Regeneration being gained.

Epic Games’ strategy of consistently revealing a new hero every three weeks has made Paragon one of the most anticipated games of the coming months. Currently in paid Early Access, players can sign up for a free beta which will be launched on PS4 and PC in August.

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