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Filthy Lucre comes to PS4 this Summer

A game by Fabrik Games is hoping to merge the action and stealth genres with Filthy Lucre, set to launch sometime this Summer.

According to a Playstation Blog Post, the game will appeal to folks who get frustrated with games that force stealth and derail plans when something goes awry. The post was made by the CEO of Fabrik, Graeme Ankers.

“Every single mission can be played your way; go in all guns blazing or go dark and avoid all enemy contact. With over 30 upgradable weapons and gear items, you will never be able to blame your tools,” Ankers says in the post.

For me, this sounds like a huge blessing in game form. I love when a game lets you tackle objectives in your own time and way. Too many times, a game will claim to allow stealth, and force you to shoot your way out of a situation. This was common in The Last of Us, and one of the reasons why I think the game is overrated, but I digress.

If everything the developers claim about Filthy Lucre are true, I will be a day one purchase and a huge fan.

According to the description of the trailer on youtube, the game will also support cooperative game play.

The post was not more specific about a release date, but did assure that the game will be available by the end of the Summer.


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