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New Ghostbusters games get ‘bustin alongside the movie

The all-new team of Ghostbusters are coming this Summer to theaters… and to game consoles courtesy of Activision.

Who you gonna call? Well, once again the answer to that would be ‘Ghostbusters’ thanks to the blitz of new GB merchandise that will be accompanying the film reboot of the popular property.


Activision has a pair of games on the way to extend the experience after you leave the cinema, and actually, the games might scratch the itch for both fans of the new film and the classics alike. And that’s because it kind of sounds like neither game will really center on any of the known (or soon-to-be known) characters.

In the console and PC adaptation (simply called Ghostbusters), gamers will be playing as a team of rookie ‘busters. You’ll be traveling around NYC as a team of four in third-person perspective, and complete with couch co-op (nothing online through it seems) for up to four players.

Apparently, there’ll also be a fair bit of role-playing to be done here with you having to not only bust ghosts and track down in-game collectables, but also level your character’s gear up. This’ll be done by tackling some of the game’s objectives. There much be a fair bit of it too, since Activision is dubbing the game “a third-person action role-playing game”.

On the mobile end of things, you’ll be finding something similarly-themed, though completely different in terms of gameplay. Asymmetrical co-op is the theme on iOS and Android, as players will need to team up with others to battle their way to the top of the leaderboards.

It’s not all scoring though, as Ghostbusters: Slime City will also task you with building your own proton pack from different combination of equipment. You’ll also get to upgrade your own HQ, and will be able to get new “weapons and rewards” for yourself by completing jobs around town.

Ghostbusters: Slime City will ooze all over “…select iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices via the App Store, select Android devices via Google Play and select Kindle devices through the Amazon Appstore” this coming July.

As for Ghostbusters on the PC and consoles, you can calibrate your ecto-goggles and scan for that one in July as well – on the 12th to be precise. That’s just a few days before the movie opens in theaters too, which is on the 15th.

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